Recovery Video Meetings

Here are the links to real recovery meetings. We have over 100 WORLDWIDE LIVE VIDEO MEETINGS here. These are actual Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Alanon, Naranon, Nicotine Anonymous, CoDependents Anonymous, Sex and Love Anonymous and Dual Diagnosis Anonymous. These meetings are free to attend and it's not necessary to have a camera or microphone to listen in. Please check them out...they can be a real lifesaver! This is one of the best resources around when dealing with Alcoholism and Addiction.

Daily Meditation

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Afternoon Affirmation

Seed of Optimism

New day. New possibilities. New hope. Blank canvas. Open book. Fresh start. Game on. May this day bring your wildest dreams to reality. May your optimism surpass your fear like an overflowing cup of possibility. Life is awesome.

Say to yourself: I have every reason to be optimistic.